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Dario "Desarius" Visaggio

The new site, new ideas, new attempt to write more.

If you are reading these lines, it means that I have finally decided, after several years, to start a restyling of my old site.
For some time now, the old site was inefficient both in transmitting a positive image of my work and in providing the right information.
I wanted a space for my tutorials and to gather information, as well as a space to clearly detail all my work experiences.
I was not able to adapt it sufficiently to show videos of both current and past projects and I had considerable difficulty integrating it with new elements and new features.
Hence the idea of ​​moving to this new format.
I hope it can be of help, both in showing a better image of my work and my professionalism and in helping my past and future students to have a reference source for many of the topics that I usually draw in my courses.

Feel free to write me about any problem or bug you can find.

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