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Indy Air

In late 2009 I have attended one of the most prestigious schools of computer graphics in Italy. The Big Rock Academy.
Located near Venice this Academy seemed to me the only way to achieve the dream of my life, working full time in the video game industry.
I already mastered 3d studio max and having a not complete basilar knowledge of Maya, so I wanted to take out the most from my time here and learn all at the best.
Well, from my personal point of view, yes. Was a good technical experience and a good production experience. I have learned to use Maya so well that I remember all keyboard shortcuts from that time and have learned all about production for cartoon and films, but I have totally missed my target about video games development. But that was a good starting point.
With the initial skills provided by Big Rock I was able to have the necessary foundations to be able to move and work in the entire graphics production industry. It was certainly not a point of arrival, rather a necessary point to learn how to learn well.
Obviously, we have been divided into different teams covering all the different departments of normal production.
Well, think of a group of forty boys between the ages of 19 and 28. Close them in a room and tell them to complete a short in three weeks. a fast and safe production line? Well think twice, it was total chaos.
I worked on a character and then on plants and the environment, then I animated the main character directly when he blows into the elephant.
This was done in Photoshop, Maya and After Effects.


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